A beautiful new space has been long awaited and imagined and is finally manifested into reality ..I have invited many of you, many live in other countries and time zones. I just wanted to tell you personally ,you were thought of and in someway had a part of me staying on my steady course ..A long year is behind me now as many of you know. All the while I was dreaming and moving forward ,even if it was just in my mind ! "Seventh Wave Yoga Studio " has been born. The name "Seventh Wave" came to me ,while doing Kundalini Yoga and tuning in with Sat Nam . It was in a story I heard of the singer Sting wondering why the surfers waited for a certain wave . Surfers replied they were waiting for the seventh wave to carry them through... I know I had an outside and inner driving force " My own Seventh Wave". ,to carry me through .... The studio space was designed to hold regular yoga classes. But also to continue with my teaching as a Massage Instructor and to offer eventually CEU's. Also the studio space will be available for other Yoga Instructors (so we have a variety of styles ), Dance, Music ,Art and a limitless imagination of workshops and classes . ....I am planning the activities that will go on throughout the day ..Possible some Mantras, Sound, Yoga, and demos throughout the day .My plan would be to end with a Candlelight Yoga Restorative class in the evening ... I am going to just let this" Seventh Wave" take me by the hand and ..............enjoy Namaste dONNA